Juris North Group Discussions on Jurisprudence 2015-16 [Second Term]

The Juris North Group invites you to attend to the discussion on the following papers this term:


Week One [Wednesday 20thJanuary 2016, at 3pm, NBS 3.20, Manchester Metropolitan University] – “Gradations in Accessorial Liability.” Dr Mark Dsouza, Lecturer, School of Law and Social Justice, University of Liverpool.


Week Two [Wednesday 3rdFebruary 2016, at 3pm, Lecture Theatre 5, Rendall Building, University of Liverpool] – “On the Fallen Condition of (Legal) Language, or Why Legal Positivism has Normalised our ‘Form-of-(non-)Living’.” Dr Luca Siliquini-Cinelli, Lecturer, School of Law, Deakin University, Australia.


Week Three [Wednesday 24th February 2016, at 3pm, NBS 3.01, Manchester Metropolitan University] – “Responsibility to Protect and the Syrian Conflict: Legality or Morality? Yasmine Nahlawi, Advocacy and Policy Coordinator, Rethink Rebuild Society.

Week Four [Wednesday 16th March 2016, 12pm to 7pm, NBS 3.02 and NBS 3.17, Manchester Metropolitan University] First British-Russian Symposium on Jurisprudence and Sovereignty: Legal Theory and Political Theory Views.

The respective papers will be distributed by email before each event.


Enquiries: Dr Jorge Nunez j.nunez@mmu.ac.uk

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