Juris North CALL For PRESENTERS [Jurisprudence Discussion Group]

Call for Presenters 2015-16 [Semester Two]
If your current research is on a topic that can be broadly characterised as jurisprudencei.e. legal and political philosophy, and you would be interested in presenting it to a friendly group, which includes academics as well as lawyers, you are welcome to be a presenter at the Juris North Discussion Group.
The discussions are normally held on Wednesday afternoons. But we can be flexible about the particular days that we meet. Discussions are always informal and very lively since we follow a Rawlsian approach. That means we do not have Professors and Students but people interested in discussing issues related to legal and political philosophy. So any question is an important question for debate.
If you would like to give a paper as part of our 2015-16 Working Paper Series then please send an abstract, no more than 500 words long and written in English. If you are interested, please contact Dr Jorge Emilio Nunez j.nunez@mmu.ac.uk.
The seminars will have a pre-readformat: successful applicants will be asked to send a draft paper two weeks in advance of the seminar so that it can be circulated amongst members of the group.
Accommodation and expenses: we will not be able to make any contribution towards accommodation and travel expenses.

Enquiries please contact Dr Jorge Núñez: j.nunez@mmu.ac.uk

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