Juris North

Legal and Political Discussion Group

Call for Presenters [ongoing]

If your current research is on a topic that can be broadly characterised as jurisprudence—i.e. legal and political philosophy, and you would be interested in presenting it to a friendly group, which includes academics as well as lawyers, you are welcome to be a presenter at the Juris North Discussion Group.

The discussions are normally held on Wednesday afternoons in Aberdeen, Durham, Hull, Liverpool, London, Manchester or Surrey. We can be flexible about the particular days and locations that we meet. Discussions are always informal and very lively since we follow a Rawlsian approach. That means we do not have “Professors” and “Students” but people interested in discussing issues related to legal and political philosophy. So any question is an important question for debate.

If you would like to give a paper as part of our Working Paper Series [Term One: September-December; Term Two: January-March] please send an abstract, no more than 500 words long and written in English. If you are interested, please contact Dr Jorge Emilio Núñez j.nunez@mmu.ac.uk.

The seminars will have a “pre-read” format: successful applicants will be asked to send a draft paper two weeks in advance of the seminar so that it can be circulated amongst members of the group.

Accommodation and expenses: we will not be able to make any contribution towards accommodation and travel expenses.

COVID-19 [NOTE]: in light of the current situation, all our Juris North events are currently via Zoom. As always, our events are OPEN TO ALL. ​


Dr Jorge Emilio Núñez j.nunez@mmu.ac.uk

ASAP-Juris North 2nd UK-Russian Symposium on “Jurisprudence and Sovereignty” (Manchester, April 2020)

Over the past few days, we have been working with our fellow organisers in Russia to fully assess the potential impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our event. After carefully considering the situation, we have come to the conclusion the most reasonable choices are to postpone the main event and to run an online set of presentations.

MAIN EVENT POSTPONED until further notice:

We are sure you share our disappointment regarding this unavoidable postponement. At this stage, our contingency plans are to postpone the main event until further notice and to still run some sessions on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th April online.

ONLINE EVENT: Friday 24th and Saturday 25th April

Those speakers who are kindly coming together to the online platform will be presenting their work from their respective locations and the audience will still have access to these live presentations without any risk to their health and wellbeing.


In addition to the online event, I’m delighted to let you know we’ll select the best papers to be published as an “ASAP Journal special issue.” Details about submissions, deadlines, review process, selection/rejection of the manuscript, etc. will follow.

ASAP Journal can be found at: http://journalasap.org/index.php/asap (the link works better using Google Chrome).

On behalf of the organisers and presenters, many thanks for your understanding and collaboration. We are all working tirelessly to ensure we firm up a date for the postponed 2020 main Symposium. In the meantime, I will keep you posted about the online event on 24th and 25th April 2020 and the ASAP Journal special issue.

Note: we expect to have the final details about the online event and the ASAP Journal special issue by end March.

Juris North monthly discussions

Our Juris North discussions this term 1 [September – December 2019]

(note our discussions in Manchester are in room SB2.01, that is Manchester Law School, Sandra Burslem building, 2nd floor, room 01) :

Week 1. Wednesday 25th September, at 1pm, “A Legal Pluralist World” … Or the Black Hole for Modern Legal Positivism, Dr Mauro Zamboni, Faculty of Law, Stockholm University, hosted by Manchester Law School, SB2.01.

Week 2. Wednesday 09th October, at 3pm, Duress is No Excuse, and it Isn’t Much of a Justification Either, Dr Benjamin Sachs, Department of Philosophy, University of St. Andrews, hosted by Durham Law School.

Week 3. Wednesday 23rd October, at 3pm, Trust and the Built Environment, Dr David Jenkins, Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick, hosted by Manchester Law School.

Week 4. Wednesday 06th November, at 3pm, Non-violence and Civil Disobedience: Insights from Criminal Law, Andreas Marcou, School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London, hosted by Manchester Law School.

Week 5. Wednesday 20th November, at 3pm, Predictive Evidence and Unpredictable Freedom, Dr Amit Pundik, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University, hosted by Manchester Law School.

Week 6. Wednesday 11th December, at 3pm, Legal Positivism and Indigenous Rights, Dr Dwight Newman, University of Saskatchewan, Canada, hosted by Liverpool Law School.

Free Eventbrite ticket:

Eventbrite Link

Other events 2019-2020

Call for Papers 2020

1. Athens, 13-16 July 2020, a Symposium about “International Law and Politics” jointly organised with ATINER. Details following the link https://www.atiner.gr/law-streams.

2. Manchester, March or April 2020, Second UK-Russian Symposium on “Jurisprudence and Sovereignty” jointly organised with Dr Michael Antonov, St Petersburg State University (details attached).

Workshops on Democracy 2020

Athens, 13-17 July 2020, a Symposium on Democracy jointly organised with ATINER. Details available online https://www.atiner.gr/ads/​

Past events

Please find the schedule for the regular JN’s discussions below.  

Term 2 [January – March 2019]

WEEK 1. Wednesday 30th January 2019, at 3pm, room JD E422, hosted by Manchester Law School – “The Case for a Monist Conception of the Rule of Law.” Conor Crummey, Teaching Fellow, UCL. 

WEEK 2. Wednesday 27th February 2019, at 3pm, room BS3.17, hosted by Manchester Law School – “Blasphemy as a Thick Concept.” Dr. Oscar Pérez de la Fuente, Professor, Carlos III University of Madrid. 

WEEK 3. Wednesday 27th March 2019, at 3pm, room BS3.17, hosted by Manchester Law School – “The democratic judge: Oliver Wendell Holmes between legal theory and jurisprudence.” Dr. Paola Chiarella, Lecturer, Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro, Italy.​ 

IVR World Congress 7-13 July 2019, Lucerne, Switzerland

Special Workshop: Pluralism and Integration A workshop jointly organised by ASAP (Academics Stand Against Poverty) and Juris North. We aim to attract contributions that will deepen and broaden the understanding of how to address partiality and unfairness in the world order. We hope to have participants from different disciplinary approaches and backgrounds, including those outside of the mainstream theories of global justice.


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