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Maratona do Rio on behalf of Fundação Angelica Goulart

Who wants to join our team! 

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Maratona do Rio 2020 (13 and 14 June 2020)

Join the Fundação Angelica Goulart Team!

Use your place to fundraise for our Fundação! We won’t ask you to agree to raise a minimum amount of money. However much you raise, your contribution will make a massive difference to your Fundação and the people it helps. Please ask your sponsors to send all their donations using our PayPal link

As well as raising money, running for our Fundação can help raise awareness. You’ll be seen by hundreds of people wearing our Fundação’s logo on race day, and everyone who sponsors you will learn more about the Fundação and the great work we do. We rely on this kind of public exposure to build a good reputation and encourage people to donate.

All you need to do is register to run the marathon ( and send us an email to let us know (emails in Portuguese to; emails in Spanish and English to

We’ll give you a t’shirt with our Fundação’s logo the day of the race! 
Remember, when you run for our Fundação you’re helping real people and changing lives. Why not run for a cause that’s close to your heart? 

Be part of our team! When you run for our Fundação, you’re surrounded by like-minded people running for the same reason. There’s always a great sense of camaraderie among the Fundação runners, and you receive plenty of support from the sidelines too.

Obrigado! Gracias! Thank you!

Fundação Angelica Goulart 

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Dear all,

On Sundays 7th, 14th and 28th April 2019, I completed the Manchester, Paris and London marathons, respectively.

I am highly motivated because this benefited two worthy causes. All of what I raised went directly to the Fundação Angelica Goulart or the Manchester Deaf Centre (you choose which one to help. Links to both the FAG and the MDC below).
You can still help me help Fundação Angelica Goulart and the Manchester Deaf Centre. Both their websites include a DONATION link. Many thanks. Every little helps! On our own we can do only as much. Together we can make a difference!

Fundação Angelica Goulart

The Fundação Angelica Goulart promotes the rights of children and teens throughout Brazil by participating in social mobilisation, networks, campaigns, besides developing a strong political advocacy work to influence the public-policy policies that assure childhood and youth their rights.

In its headquarter based in Pedra de Guaratiba, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, the Fundação serves children and teenagers from the region who are in a situation of social vulnerability. 

NOTE: The Fundação’s websites are in Portuguese. You may use Google translator and it should be ok. They don’t have the resources to have the information in different languages. I’ve translated myself part (my website’s link below) for more information. 

Details about Fundacao Angelica Goulart (Dr Jorge’s blog)

Fundacao Angelica Goulart PayPal

Manchester Deaf Centre

At Manchester Deaf Centre we change people’s lives. Deaf and Hard of Hearing people can find a safe and welcoming place to chat, attend Wellbeing Group, BSL classes, social events, Sign Language Choir, Job Club, Youth Group, 50+ afternoons – there really is something for everyone. 

We also provide much needed communication support for all our users, whether it be for GP or hospital appointments, interviews, Court or legal matters or meetings.

Manchester Deaf Centre

Manchester Deaf Centre Fundraising (GoFundMe)

To help me reach my goal, I would much appreciate your sponsorship. To sponsor my fundraising please send your donations now!!!

Thank you for supporting our causes.

Many thanks and best regards,


Maratona di Roma 2017 on behalf of the Manchester Deaf Centre