UK-Russian Symposium 16th March 2016: INVITATION & Call for Abstracts

Juris North, Legal and Political Philosophy Discussion Group, will host the First British-Russian Symposium on «Jurisprudence and Sovereignty: Legal Theory and Political Theory Views.»
The Symposium is held in Manchester, UK, on Wednesday 16th March.
Key-words: the definition of sovereignty, features of sovereignty, state supremacy, independence of a state, kinds of sovereignty, secession, human rights, territorial integrity,  legal aspects of globalization, principles of law, state membership in international and regional organizations, state participation in military alliance. 
Co- Chairs of the Organizing Committee:
Dr Antonov Michael V., J.D., Associate Professor of Theory and History of Law and State department of Law Faculty of the St. Petersburg branch of the Higher School of Economics.
Dr Jorge Nunez, Lecturer, Manchester Law School, Manchester Metropolitan University.
The format of the symposium is pre-read. We will be discussing 5 to 6 papers, circulated about two weeks in advance. Each session will start with a short presentations by the author. A commentator will then kick-off discussion, the author will respond to the comments, and then the remainder of the session will be dedicated to Q&A.
The purpose of this announcement is twofold.  First, we would like to invite you to attend the 2016 symposium and take part in the discussions. There will be no registration fees.
Second, we would like to invite you to submit an abstract or to volunteer to comment.  If you are interested in submitting an abstract, please do so by January 31, 2016 by email to
Please limit your abstract to 500 words or less. Once we have received abstracts, we aim to put together a diverse programme that we hope will be of interest to a wide range of people within legal and political philosophy.
Please note that this is an open call for abstracts, so you should feel free to forward this information to anyone who you think might be interested in presenting a paper, commenting on a paper, or attending the workshop.

Any question please contact Dr Jorge Nunez

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