The Queen X Part II (in three parts)

Minutes later she was leaving the first galaxy behind, where her home planet was the centre. More planets, asteroids, suns, all with curious orbits and different shapes came after. Some with spiral shapes as she had seen them before; others flat, triangular, rounded, completely dark or brighter than any known star; some very rich in soil and nature but without any kind of population; a few with only one inhabitant who owned a whole planet but did not have anyone else to talk to.
I will not describe each and every encounter X and her companions had as it would take far too long and it is not the intention of this story. But I can assure there will be the opportunity to let you all know about these delightful and at the same time wicked events.
It is worth to mention though some of the phrases she listened to and advices she was given: “be realistic!; sometimes one has to do bad to do good; believe in others but above all, believe in you; the only thing between a dream and you is you; wish upon a star, you never know who is paying attention; aim higher”…

Exactly seven days after she left her home town she saw at the distance a bright light and nine different sized spheres of diverse colours around. The third one from the fired centre was the blue planet she was looking for.
As her ship went close to the planet, it started making circles around the sphere as checking everything was in order in that new world. After three complete circles, it directed its way to the bottom. First white and blue, then clouds and after that brown and blue patches with green spots.
Heavy rain surprised “X” as in her home world they did not have that kind of phenomenon. All the mirror/windows were covered in water. At first she was a bit frightened. All her companions were too. But her curiosity won and she had to open one of the windows to see what was going on. As she opened it, the drops hit heavily her face but she was so delighted with the experience she decided to open all of them to let the rain in.
The rain stopped and the sky became deep blue. That was when she saw something she would never ever forget: her first rainbow over the green and dense vegetation.

The territory where her spacecraft landed was called Argentium. It was a very rich and vast land with very kind people ruled by a tyrant King called Acionte. He was tall and thin as a lamp post; with a very pale face that looked even paler because he was always dressed in dark black from toes to neck. Black, inexpressive, dead eyes finished that spectrum type look.
Although he tried hard to show himself arrogant and strong someone sensitive could realize he was extremely insecure and weak.
The country had everything to be immensely rich (the land, the natural resources, the weather, the people) but it was in a deep crisis both economic and morally.
To this world in such a state X arrived. She was instantly popular among the people. A sort of divine figure from above made flesh by enchantment was the shared feeling.
Wherever she was, crowds of people followed her. Caravans of cars, buses, bikes, anything that could transport someone were always behind her in procession.
She only needed to be there and everyone felt in peace with a profound sensation of fulfilment. She treated everyone the same no matter colour, religion, social background, sexual orientation or anything else. She even taught (without intention, just through her actions) that there were not disabled people since we all had different abilities, from walking or simply chewing a gum to feeling deeper than others. We were just special in our particular and individual way of being.
Her aspect of a woman in her early 30’s with incredibly shaped and toned physic, pink glossy lips, perfect nose, sparkling crystal blue eyes and a head crowned by think golden blond hair mixed with her elegant and soft manners, diplomatically correct attitude and that firm voice of her with sweet and at the same time fiery accent made her irresistible to children and grown ups.
She was a child in a goddess body with the most humble personality someone could have ever seen.

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