The Queen X Part III (in three parts)

As it was inevitable, her fame spread out from city to city, town to town, village to village, all over the country, and then, around the globe.
She became to be known as the Queen X, the Queen of children or the Queen of hearts. The sun appeared earlier… Every day was full of joy. People were always smiling. She started the miracle…
The general attitude of the inhabitants of the country changed. Everyone was polite to others, letting the rest to express their views and opinions, not being friendly to every person but respecting them all. She loved and was loved by many people. She discovered so many things… but she was missing the beauty of her home planet and the warm hearts of her people and parents.

The news, as easily predictable, reached the King’s ears. He was scared. Although he had never been popular among the crowd, they had always feared him. Now, with X there, they could see there was a possibility of something different, something better without even making more effort: just a change of attitude was needed.
No one in fact thought about overthrowing him; it was just his unconfident personality and that he knew his actions were evil that made him decide to do something about her.
Far from his predecessors or fairy tails, he did not send someone to kidnap, torture, poison or kill X. He just pressed the media to produce bad news against her.
Two days later she was on the news on every newspaper and on TV’s national channel.
“Clarinet”, one of the main newspapers in that period of time, published 13 consecutive issues with X’s news on the front page.
She was called so many things and so many theories were developed around her that we would need a complete book just to detail them.
At the end she was left alone. She did not argue or battle against this machinery. She just kept silent. But she was not completely on her own: Archibald, Gordal and Bixux were always there by her side.
Her skin colour changed though. Now she appeared to be pale, almost transparent. Her image looked even mightier as she was dressed all time in white…

The day finally came as the Gods had predicted. Three years after her departure a light came from the sky. It started as an immense luminous eagle with ample wings. Then, it converted into one single thread, a ray of pure light. It came directly to where X and her companions were. A second later they vanished. Just steam and smoke were left…
Most thought she had died. They still do think so. Although few people believed in her by then, a feeling of deep sadness invaded the whole nation.
Someone whose kindness and beautifulness could not be compared was gone. And they knew no one would ever replace her. They all felt an X was stamped in their hearts, something had changed.
They did not to overthrow the king. He simply passed away. The “Clarinet” went into bankruptcy after the justice found out their business was dirty. The country still exists and with all the same problems. However something is different.
They know something better is possible. Anything can be, it is only a matter of a bit of courage and a lot of faith. There is nothing impossible. No one can harm them again. The love that comes from one’s chest makes any dream come true. And whenever they feel they are loosing that faith, they just need to look at the sky on a clear night for the first star that appears next to the crystal moon. They all know (who knows why?) X is there reigning with her only child. But that is another story …

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