The Queen X Part I (in three parts)

Once upon a time… there was a little princess who lived in a far, far planet.
Her hair was as blond and luminous as rays of sun. Her eyes, crystal blue; so deep you could see her lonely but passionate and adventurous soul. Pink glossy lips, small perfect nose and immaculate white skin completed her face.
She was five years old, always dressed in bright colours ranging from yellow to red, white, blue and pink. One detail present in every single outfit’s chest and/or arms: an “X”.

Her parents were the Queen and King of this far kingdom in this far far planet called Brazilo. They could never have babies before so they asked the Three Gods to have a child. In exchange, the Gods informed them that at the age of five their child was going to travel seven galaxies following her destiny. She would come to that world –they explained- to be a Queen in a remote and never ending land where people needed to know what happiness was.
Her parents accepted and that same night the Gods asked them to leave in their master bedroom the balcony windows open so to let the spring breeze come in. And next to the windows, a round wooden table with a yellow rose blossom without water.
The parents reminded the Gods that the flower would need water to survive the night but the Holy Trinity explained water was not necessary if they really believed.
They did what the Gods had asked them to do and went to bed falling almost immediately in a deep but peaceful sleep.
The breeze started blowing stronger and even the table was moving but the blossom stayed there. Suddenly a light appeared from inside and illuminated the whole room. It lasted just a few seconds but left blue tiny stars that filled the air as pixie dust.
When the Queen and King got up the following morning discovered the rose was showing all its beauty and inside, exactly in the middle, a baby the size of a seed was looking at them with her blue sea eyes.
As mystery and destiny, faith and hope surrounded her birth, they decided to name the newborn “X”.

The time went by and “X” blossomed showing brightness wherever she was. When she was around everyone was full of happiness; but not of empty and meaningless happiness. People that met her felt something pure deep inside and had always the necessity of doing something good for others without expecting any reward or recognition. That was her gift: leading people to give the best from them.
Some of you may think this was easy for her since all people in this small planet had everything they needed and could imagine. However, her magic was not due to the place she was born but came from her pure soul…

The day finally came. Her fifth birthday arrived. Exactly a week before, one night of full moon, the Queen and the King were visited by the Gods again.
They asked her parents to order the construction of an intergalactic transport in the shape of a dish. Once finished, it looked as if it had and inverted rounded coffee cup on top (including the handle), followed by two soup plates, all in white. As “legs”, two straws in red and white colours with two big black shoes. And as a periscope it had another bended straw in the same colours as the legs. The unusual object had just below the cup and on top of the first plate a massive multicoloured and luminous letter “X”. Inside, just one big room surrounded by mirrors and only one huge sofa that covered all the outer circle of the floor. Exactly in the middle, one white “X” shaped table and by one side, the control panel. It looked more like a Hollywood’s star mirror with bulbs all around. “What about the engine?” the parents asked the Trinity. “There will not be any engine”, they replied. The ship (as they called it) will move and fly due to simple faith. Its name: Popotito 23.
“X will not travel alone”, the God continued explaining. She was going to have three companions: a duck, Archibald; a cat, Gordal; and a dog, Bixux. “Just three pets?” the parents inquired worried. “Not JUST three pets”, the Trinity went on. Archibald was tempered as a unicorn; Gordal had the wisdom of the dragons; and Bixux, the strength of the lions. All the three represented the essential virtues and combined together under “X” direction would have an interesting and unique effect in the right place and at the right time.
The last piece of the jigsaw: a squared red golden ring. The Holy Trinity made it appear in the middle finger of “X” left hand: a plain, very simple ring of square shape made of red gold. “It represents eternal love”, they said to her. “As love changes shapes but do not alters its true essence with the time, so will you and it will be reflected in your outfit which will be different everyday thanks to the golden ring. Your appearance will change as per your mood or needs but you will always remain with your true virtues”, they explained.
The Queen, the King, “X” and thousands of colourful citizens congregated at the Major Park below the Palace as the Gods asked. The ship was also there in the middle of the crowd. The Trinity started: “You will now ascend with your ship to the sky. Archibald, Gordal and Bixux are already waiting for you inside. You will travel seven galaxies and meet different people and cultures, know what is on the sky and the seas, visit vast and small lands, and will land at last in a blue planet, in an territory which borders are so far apart the four seasons are always present at the same time, with a fertile soil, a vivid nature but a lost population. That place is called Argentium. You will spend three years there and find out the reason they are in such a state having everything they could wish or dream about. You will learn from but you will also teach them. What to teach, what to learn? Only you will find out as we can not tell. Only you can fulfil your destiny. We are here as one of the episodes of your life time travel in this existence but you will be the one who will be choosing her own adventure every time you will be in front of an option. You and only you with the advice of the three virtues will conquest what is waiting beyond…One last thing: you will look to others as if you were 33 years of age although deep inside you will always be your same age now, hence five. Remember that since people will expect you to behave as a grown up. Once again, another choice…”
“X” nodded her head at every comment and once the Trinity finished, she hugged both her parents, waved to the crowd and vanished into the thin air. As she vanished, the ship ascended calm and slowly to the bright blue sky. No one cried. No one was sad. They all knew (without knowing why) she was going to be back in three years time…

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