Christ Consciousness. 2: We are not all born equal

We are not all born equal

Often, we see on the news, in rules and speeches that we are supposed to be equal. This is a mistake or, at best, not a truism. It is important here to distinguish between realms. 

We know now there are different realms, the factual or empirical, the logical or ideal and the metaphysical. Our soul is part of the metaphysical realm. When our soul comes into existence in this physical world it is when we may argue whether we are equal or not. Souls do not argue about this… or anything. Souls just are.

In principle, all souls are equal because we are all part of the same entity we called God, Allah, the Universe, the Source, the Eternal, the One, the Many (the name is irrelevant. It is just a man-made label for communication. Therefore, I will use them interchangeably from now on).

When we come into existence in the physical realm we cease to be equal. Each of us arrives with a different purpose and a different journey. Hence, each of our bodies and minds are designed to navigate this existence. Some of us are born as baby boys while some others are born baby girls; some of us may be born differently abled (maybe blindness, deafness, Down syndrome); and so on.

Physically, for our sensory systems, we are different. Remember our five physical senses—sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste—are simply tools we use in our physical form to comprehend and navigate the physical realm. It is because of this fact that human beings create ideal conceptualization to enable different people to interact safely with each other.

Consider law, morality and religion. We create normative systems (a set of acceptable behavioral standards) in order to treat each equally regardless of our physical differences. In short, when our souls are born into a physical body we stop being equal and in order to interact with each other, be safe from threats, provide for our basic needs, etc. we create normative systems. One of these systems is law. There are many more examples such as morality, religions, rules of etiquette and about how to play a certain game. 

Our mind, the interpreter of the ideal realm, is directly linked to our physical existence. Our mind has to do with the thoughts and emotions that are created in our brain, part of our physical body. Therefore, our mind is connected with our human physical experience through our physical body in our interaction with others, our culture, our language, our relationship with our parents and neighbors, peers and so on. In that sense, our mind is conditioned by our physical body, our experiences and our environment. 

The fact that our physical bodies and our minds are conditioned does not mean that our soul is. We are only different and, consequently, differently abled in our physical and ideal realms (our physical bodies and our minds have different abilities). Once again, I am going to a stress it is important to distinguish different realms. Our soul is part of the metaphysical realm and out of reach for our sensory systems and mind.  It is impossible to capture through our five senses or through our intellect our soul and the complexity of the metaphysical realm. The closest we are able to reach are glimpses of this realm through experiences such as what we call the sixth sense, prophecies and epiphanies.

You may ask why some people are more aware of the metaphysical realm and other are completely oblivious. We usually call the ones who may get glimpses of the metaphysical realm gifted. This gift is in reality a difference by design in the body and mind, what nowadays we refer to as neuroplasticity. 

Our mind is used to understanding empirical experiences, concepts and ideas in a logical way. From childhood, we learn information such as notions, procedures and structures and we make sense out of them in a myriad of ways. For example, we may apply logic by inducing or deducing something as well as empirical analysis by experimenting. Our mind will translate any kind of results we find into concepts and we will add labels to this concepts through our language—e.g. Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, technical, scientific, colloquial. Language, like any other human creation, is man-made. 

Because the metaphysical has to do with a reality that is not perceived by our senses or by our mind, it is impossible for any language to be able to translate exactly the content, nature and meaning of the soul. It is beyond those realities and, therefore, it cannot be comprehended empirically or intellectually. That is why for some people that have glimpses of the metaphysical realm is so hard to express their experience in any man-made created language. 

It is for that same reason that all religions agree on this point: in order to see God, we must have faith. Allah is not accessible through our senses or our mind. Conversely, because the Eternal cannot be intellectualized, religions disagree about several things. When all these religions refer to the Source, they point out to same entity, the same realm, the metaphysical. The problem they fail to acknowledge is that they use different approaches and different languages. As a result, they refer to a different angle of the same realm or to the same angle in different forms. Consider the expressions “God” and “Dios.” Both expressions refer to the same entity but in different languages, that is “God” in English translates into “Dios.” However simple, if two people had an argument about “God” or “Dios” they would not understand each other unless they spoke the same language or they were able to translate the expression. In a similar fashion, this is applicable to religions when they use different physical or ideal experiences and notions to refer to the metaphysical realm. Unsurprisingly, they do not understand each other and, consequently, disagreement, disputes and conflicts happen.

There is still hope. I will finish today with a quotation that sums up the way. We will discuss this point in more detail soon.

“men of diverse tribes, professing diverse religions, and speaking diverse languages, have taken the strange decision to be reasonable. They have resolved to forget their differences and stress their affinities.”

Los Conjurados, Jorge Luis Borges.

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Tuesday 16th March 2021

Dr Jorge Emilio Núñez

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