Christ Consciousness. 1: No-one will come to save you

No-one will come to save you

It may sound gloomy but it means you are your own saviour. The pandemic seems on the surface new but with just a bit of attention we can easily acknowledge it came to magnify what was already there. At the level of the individual: greed, jealousy, selfishness and many more self-destructive traits. At the level of communities: corruption, poverty, hunger, racism and discrimination to name just a few.

God, the Universe, the Source, the Eternal (the name is not important) is giving us all an opportunity to reflect and to decide which path will follow. Indeed, for the third time in human history we are given a choice. Whether you believe the Garden of Eden or the Crucifixion existed, they are metaphors or just histories for children or to manipulate people, the message now is the same: we are all given the opportunity to raise self or to keep our spiral downwards.

This is the time of the new coming, the time of judging. The misinterpretation or wrong assumption is that someone from the up above will come and act as a judge, will assess our good deeds and wrongdoings and send us to the heavens or to hell. Wrong. The judgment is in each of us as individuals and as nations. The outcomes too have to be with each of us and all around us. We are being asked to raise. Last time, He raised for us. We were unable or not willing to do it. He showed us the way. We had time to learn. It is now our time.

The pandemic puts in front of us an illness of the flesh. There is a spiritual battle at the same time and space but a different realm. While coronavirus act against our bodies and minds there are invisible elements to the senses that are attacking our spirituality.

The realms I mention here are three, that of the fact or empirical, that of the logic or ideal and the soul or metaphysical. The first realm is captured by our five physical senses—sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. The second realm is recognised by our mind or intellect, our rational side. The third realm is perceived in our core, it is a knowing. Different from the other two realms, the spiritual is always in us. The physical and the rational are just some of the many experiences our soul is able to go through and the mechanisms to help us in those journeys are specially designed for them. Hence, for the physical realm the senses and for the ideal realm our mind.

If we are honest with ourselves, something in us has been whispering for a while (for some, maybe even shouting) there is something wrong. God, the Universe, the Source, the Eternal is simply putting it in front of us now with the pandemic for our senses and our minds so we do not have any other option but to acknowledge it. We cannot neglect, avoid or ignore it anymore. There is something wrong and we either fix it or face the consequences.

The challenge is both individual and collective. The universe is evolving and we may be left behind. We are given an opportunity to go to the next level with the rest that is around us. This time, however, no-one will come to save us. To go to the next level or to remain in limbo is up to each of us and our communities. On the physical and rational realms, the fight is in our bodies and our minds. Coronavirus debilitates our cells and destabilises our mental health. These are only symptoms and not the root cause. They come to us to force the acknowledgment there is something very wrong and we have to do something about it or else…

On the spiritual realm, each of us and our communities have to deal with external and internal threats. The good news: each of us has all we need to face these threats. We all have external and internal defences.

Next time I will be referring in more detail to the spiritual battle we are transiting and introduce the defences each of us count with. In the meantime, keep on keeping on and ask for guidance to your inner compass. If you find it difficult to find or trust your inner compass or you do not know whom to ask for guidance, just voice your intention in your mind, paper or deeper inside (in any of the three realms in the form you sense more in tune with you). You have the knowing. It is in each of us. Do not try to follow someone else’s prescribed procedure. There is no recipe. It is simple: you already know.

If you still struggle and still need something for the senses or your mind to grasp, something more tangible, think of Christ. The belief in him is not important. All traditions accept him; they only differ in the role he played or his physical and mental attributes (Christians, Muslims, Jews and others just argue about issues pertaining the physical and ideal realms). So, if it is difficult to access by yourself to your own knowing with an intention, think of Christ and ask him to do it on your behalf. Keep your intention simple. You may ask for anything you want. If the sentences and paragraphs made sense to you, you should intuit that to go to the next level the intention should be selfless, beyond your own material or intellectual gains.

Let us all start co-creating our next experience. Trust me on this: it requires your intention to go beyond yourself. Some will make it. Some will remain here. No-one else can do it for you. No-one will come to save you. The choice is yours.

Sunday 14th March 2021

Dr Jorge Emilio Núñez

Twitter: @DrJorge_World

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