Argentineans and Falkland Islanders: a British view

And today, a Briton will speak about Argentineans and Falkland Islanders. Once again, let’s remember that the only condition the ones that are posting this week had  was not to argue about sovereignty and/or claimed rights over the islands. And that is exactly what Ted did! he gave us his view about… well, let’s better read what he has to say and you decide.

“It is not easy to decide on my impressions of the people the Falkland Islands, my impressions of them (much like my impressions of the people of Argentina) have been formed on the internet on Twitter, and some have become my friends on Facebook.

There are things about them of course that are typically British, i.e a strong attachment to tradition and a desire to keep their country’s uniqueness, a sign stating that “There is no place like Home” probably hangs on many a wall in the Falklands.

They are phlegmatic and don’t like displaying their emotions and seem to remain calm, good natured and cheerful under what are difficult circumstances.

They also like the British have that peculiar (often self deprecating) sense of humor which is usually not understood by people from other countries, indeed Kipling could have had the Falkland Islanders in mind when he wrote “He never means anything seriously till he talks about justice or right” ha ha I love them for that !

Argentineans…… Where does one start to try and give ones impressions of Argentineans ? I shall start by explaining that I have never met an Argentinean person, not once ! but I do talk to some, both on Twitter and Facebook, and so I can offer my impression of them.

They do seem to me to be an incredibly warm, caring and passionate people with a love of humour (so essential) and music (life’s blood) the Beatles and John Lennon in particular, seem very popular with them all ! if only John Lennon had penned a Tango or two, then the whole world could have danced together! this may of course have resulted in a sudden population explosion ha ha ha!

If you couple the first two with their love of a good argument and their fondness for animals? then I am already half way to loving these gloriously maddening, simple but frustratingly complex people,to these people that I have never met, I salute you !

Jorge someone has just visited me and read what is written by me here re Argentineans, and remarked “bloody hell ted, you have just described yourself !

I thought that I would include that remark here, a message there perhaps my friend? we little carbon units are not so very different are we ?….. …….. ……… …… ………. ………. …….. …………”

Edward (Ted) Cole


  1. About us, the Argentinians, we certainly are contradictory, to say the least. Just look at our country since WW2. However, there has been a constant since then: the peronism.Do not waste your time with it. Nor even we can understand what it means. What it is certain is that it is responsible for the disasters this country has suffered, or inflicted to itself, for the last 60 years.About the Falklands and the islanders… my parents arrived at Argentina from Spain in 1949 and I was born in 1953. If what our foreign department claims is true (the fact that you have been living in a territory for decades), then I guess I should pack my bags and look for another country… oh well.


  2. Bueno que decir, Ted lo ha dicho todo, y lo ha hecho muy bien, los argentinos somos gente muy cálida y apasionada. Tengo muchos amigos ingleses y tengo una muy buena impresión de ellos, he llegado a conocerlos durante mucho tiempo y realmente son muy buenos amigos, fieles y buena gente, con un gran corazón,. Y creo que las personas de las islas malvinas deben ser iguales, ya que ellos son británicos.En mi impresión , creo que somos parecidos en algunas cosas, nos gusta la música, el fútbol, los deportes, y sobre todo compartimos algunos sueños en común, sueños universales del alma…. Solo nos separa la distancia, pero si uno se conecta con los ingleses desde el corazón ellos pueden ser los mejores amigos en este mundo. Al contrario de lo que se piensa de los ingleses en diferentes partes del mundo , que dicen que son frios , en mi experiencia, yo opino todo lo contrario, son gente cálida y fiel si le llegas al corazón.También como Arturo soy nieta de inmigrantes europeos, Italia del Norte y Polonia, estoy muy orgullosa de eso ya que mis abuelos vinieron a la Argentina con la promesa de vivir mejor. Hoy en día los que estamos deseamos y soñamos verdaderamente con una Argentina mejor, para darles un futuro mejor a nuestros hijos.


  3. Well what say, Ted has said it all, and done it very well, Argentines are very warm and passionate people. I have many English friends and I have a very good impression of them, I have come to know them for a long time and are really good friends, faithful and good people, with a big heart. And I think the people of the Falkland Islands should be equal, since they are británicos.En my impression, I think we are similar in some ways, we like music, football, sports, and above all share some common dreams , universal soul dreams …. Only the distance separates us, but if you connect with the British from the heart they can be best friends in this world. Contrary to what one thinks of the English in different parts of the world, who say they are cold, in my experience, I think quite the contrary, they are warm and faithful people if you get to the heart.I also like Arthur granddaughter of European immigrants, Northern Italy and Poland, I am very proud of that because my grandparents came to Argentina with the promise of a better life. Today we truly wish and dream a better Argentina, to give them a better future for our children.


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