Falklands referendum: opinions

We started these posts related to the Falklands a bit more than a month ago. We discussed the right to participate in negotiations related to sovereignty, some documents, the concept of self-determination, the referendum and its implications and many other issues.

In a few days we will finally have the referendum in the Falkland Islands. The result may be foreseeable. Argentina may not recognise its validity. However, these points will not diminish its value as a democratic tool.

There are many other concepts and notions we could clarify or argue about. The same can be said about political agendas, financial situation, realities, etc. Instead of doing that, this final week the posts will only include opinions. Therefore, from tomorrow we will see the opinions of Argentineans, Britons, and if we are lucky that of the Falkland Islanders. I have asked at random some people to write what they think about the others, that is to say what an Argentinean thinks about British people and Falklands Islanders. And vice versa. The only condition: not to argue about sovereignty and/or claimed rights over the islands.

So, from tomorrow we will see these opinions for our final week with these posts. In order to be fair, they will be presented in alphabetical order so Argentineans will be first, follow by a Briton and hopefully a Falkland Islander. See you all tomorrow. Until then…

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