Your Self

To be lost or to be found? To be alone or to be with someone? Does to be with someone mean we’ve been found? What does it mean to be found? How can someone find something in us we can’t ourselves?
Most people believe in the “happily ever after” effect translated into that situation in which they may eventually be once they meet that one they dream of (or better, that someone appears in their life). In other words, most people wait to define their life only and only in the event they meet someone else.
It may be possible (even true) that some of our characteristics may come to light only when someone makes his/her entrance in our life. Like any reaction, any change needs an action to happen. However, to define all our nature, all our self from what someone else’s presence triggers in us seems to put the self in rather minimal position.
By definition, the self is that that has its own nature, characteristics, essence. Probably one of the biggest problems the selves we called human beings have to face is to define their own existence. In order to do that, they’ve first to be able to observe who and what they actually are. And for that enterprise, not only the five or six senses are necessary but also the will to do it. Are you ready to see what you really are?
Self-imposed limitations, blame to others, excuses, the environment in general seem to be always present in the existence of the many. However, they are all contingencies we accept to be there to let us live a comfortable but aimless life.
If you had only one chance, would you let it go? Well, you’ve one life. You better start living the best you can now. On your own or with someone. However, if you’re with someone and solitude reigns, comfortability, being used to that what you know and fear to being with your own self may be stopping you from achieving what you aspired once.
Let your self be with all its potential, mistakes included. Dare to listen to you, dare to please you, dare to see you. No-one will ever see who or what you’re if you don’t see it yourself. No-one will ever respect you if you don’t start by doing so. No-one will make your most childish dreams come true if you stay sat there contemplating your life passing by.
Let yourself be defeated… but don’t let yourself kneeling down. Stand up, hold your life and visualize what you want the way you want it. Then, star living the life you once dreamt of and you left behind because you thought it was too hard to fight for.
DO have hope, keep your faith but be true to your self: destiny, luck or God won’t come to rescue you if you don’t stand and ask for things to happen. Achievements for some are miracles for others; realities for the few are dreams for the many. Be proud of your self in your individuality… and be even prouder for holding tight to your life living it at its fullest.

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