For the mediocre… and for the achiever; for the dreamer… and for the doer.

There is a special place where all your dreams come true. Indeed there is that place somewhere. And where you may ask? Simple; and closer than you think. That place is you, your self. No-where else will you find the answer, the path to make your dreams become first aspirations and then actions. People and circumstances around are the environment. They can be in favour, against or neutral in relation to you. How you use them as per your dreams will determine the way your aspirations may or may not appear and the actions turn into real change or simply omissions.
You do not need to stick together to anyone or something to get that image transformed into reality. If the weather or the environment do not hep –in fact, they may be hostile- change position, move to a different place, choose another environment. In essence, you will still be the same, No essence changes: not your, nor others’ essence. Do not believe in self or outer imposed limitations. Once again, if the environment puts barriers, jump them, walk your way around them, avoid them or confront them. The key is not to deal with it but to move on from it if it is blocking your goal.
If the limitation is coming from your self, change your attitude. The environment may be already against you. The worst thing that can happen is that you ally yourself with the environment against you self. And the funny side of the story, it takes the same effort to be one with your self than it takes to be against. However, somehow, many people –if not, most- do the latter: they never reach an agreement with their inner self and become that one that they could have been. They rather choose not to do it, not to challenge it, not to try. They are called mediocre –I have said before somewhere that I do not add any negative connotation to the word, just a literal meaning: mediocre is that one who stays in the middle-.
More often than usual to acct upon an aspiration that was originally a vague dream takes us out of our comfort zone. However, if we were so comfortable, why did we have the dream in first place? Well, you can for sure answer that…
Dream high, aspire higher, act upon you aspirations and make them happen. If the environment –the surrounding circumstances and people- are in favour or neutral, great. If they are against, even better: you will learn more from the experience. You do not have the obligation to stand out from the crowd, you don need not to be mediocre. In fact, be a happy mediocre if you want to. But PLEASE, do not complain, blame others or put your burdens onto someone else’s shoulders. Be proudly happy of your mediocrity. However, if you are up for being an achiever, a doer or a maker –I must highlight, not necessarily a winner- you better start now.
If the world makes you feel blue, do not wait for the painter: take the brush and change it into full colours…
For … “If you wish to be a writer, write” (Epictetus), if you want to have a life, live; if you want a change, start doing; if you want to achieve, start acting.

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