Se apagó la llama… Sale el sol.

When there’re no words to say something… maybe there’s nothing to be said at all. Why is that we feel as we have to say/feel something when the world around us changes? Why do we feel obliged to feel? What about if I don’t feel anything? What about if it doesn’t really hurt? What about if I’m not even bothered? Can it be that way?
When the flame is gone… well, it’s gone. Is it even useful to think about the reasons why the flame is gone? For some people it may be. However, by contemplating the storm that has already gone, we’ll for sure miss the sun shining upon us. And if the sun doesn’t come today that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Clouds are hiding it for now… but I can assure you, it’s still there.
Enjoy the weather even if it rains cause it’ll bring you a rainbow. Enjoy the sun when it shines. But don’t wait for it to live. Keep on living. It’ll shine again eventually.

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