Never let me go vs. If you love somebody, let them go.

When someone tells you “never let me go”, what exactly do they mean? Is that they are in love with you? Is it only that they need you or they feel they do? If so, is that love at all?
When someone tells you “never let me go” and he lets you go, did he not love you in the end? Was he honest? Was he fulfilling another need but love?
And from there, what’s love about after all? To need someone that much you can’t even think without him? Or to feel so enlighten you feel you can achieve anything you’ve dreamt of?
If love is white or red or both, why is that we sometimes feel blue with someone? From a white swan we change into a black one? And then, nothing, emptiness, fulfilment at the same time. The good and the bad within us come to see the light –or the darkness-. Why do we think that love will only make our good attributes appear? After all, we’re both, good and evil in one soul, in one body, in one self. If love is supposed to make our inner self show, do you know what may happen if you let the door to be opened? Are you ready to accept and live the myriad of blessings and curses attached to the package?
If love heals, is that because love hurts first? Should it be that way? If it hurts, is that love at all? Are we supposed to be transformed by its magical wand? The web says that love is “a strong positive emotion of regard and affection”; however, it is short in telling us about its consequences.
If I never let you go, does it mean I do love you? Or does it mean I’ll have your love granted for eternity and beyond? I’m not sure… I simply don’t know… Do you?
If there are difference to overcome, isn’t it exactly why you shouldn’t let me go? Everyone grows through challenge. If we’re used to our environment and surroundings, we’re comfortable. However, is love supposed to make us feel comfortable? If so, at least for me, what a simplistic and shallow view. Love transforms, love shapes, love breaks and makes. Never let me go… or rather… let me go if you don’t dare to challenge life and boundaries… together… because if you don’t want me to ever let you go, you’ve to make me feel as you’ll never want me to be someone I’m not.
Never let me go… do let me be free… do let me fly… do not cut my wings… if I can fly with that someone, if we can reach the sky together, there’s no need to tell “never let me go” because we’re flying the flight together. However, if you stand still forever, only comfortably contemplating the view and waiting for them to contemplate and be jealous of your comfortability, and you ask someone “never let me go”, you’re asking the wrong question; you should better ask: “do stay here with me”, because you’re not going anywhere. And by having said that, you’re reluctant to fly… and that’s fair. But to ask someone that by nature is a free flying being to stay is a matter of different nature… never let me go… do stay with me… do not fly… why not better: lets fly together the existence we both are living; and now and then, land anywhere and rest for a new adventure together, the ongoing adventure of life, that never-ending moebius that some people observe with fear while they walk slowly to a peaceful and comfortable death without knowing they’re actually dead to life.
The sentence says “If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were”. Things are meant to be, although we are the one who chooses the path. Be free and let whoever is with you be free. The real way to be with someone is to be free together. To be with someone in any kind of relationship is upon our free will as free individual sovereigns. If you play the game, accept the rules they say. Let him free. I let you free. But don’t wait. Turn the page and see what’s waiting for you in the next chapter. Maybe the same character, maybe a different one. But one thing I can assure you, the main character will still be there: you. Because whoever was with you in the previous chapters was there sharing a space that although one day was common, it’s been always yours. Never let me go… If you love someone, let them free. You choose. I’ve chosen. Lets share our freedom, our sovereigtny or start different stories from now on with one common chapter. Se la vi! Enjoy it! Let it go.

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