Juris North ASAP Roundtables 2022 (2 of 3): Sustainability [video]

“Global Response to crisis: sustainability, SDGS and climate change”

Roundtable 2: Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Justice: Focus Education

Keynote Speakers

Jaime Tatay

Jaime is an engineer, ethicist and theologian at Universidad Pontificia Comillas, where he teaches courses (mainly to undergrads) on sustainability, environmental ethics and religious ethics.

His research focuses on the intersection between nature conservation and spirituality, and in the relationship between environmental ethics and religious ideas/teachings

Latest publications: https://web.comillas.edu/profesor/jtatay

Peter Kalevi Kurronen

Peter middle and high school teacher at Kulosaari upper secondary school in Helsinki, Finland (https://ksyk.fi/language/en/frontpage-2/). He claims to teach capitalism when asked what he does. He teaches civics, business studies and supervise the student council and support students. He hosts international guests in the heart of Helsinki near the embassies. He is a former U.S. Air Force police officer and has worked in the corporate world for a little as well. Education wise he has a MSc in Educational Leadership from the University of Jyväskylä, and a M.A. in Economics with a focus on entrepreneurship from Aalto University; where Dr. Klapper was his thesis mentor. Under her supervision he wrote his thesis, which was published. Gathering data for that study he lived on a remote beach in Nicaragua near the filming of the TV show Survivor, and gathered info on entrepreneurs building a community nearly off grid.

He now teaches business studies where his students learn what is business, what is an economical choice, how to finance purchases and how to present a business plan. His students build their final business plans around the local U.S. Embassy’s pitch competition (Shark Tank for juniors basically): https://fi.usembassy.gov/education-culture/aec/

Andreas Zitek

DI Dr. ANDREAS ZITEK MSc(GIS) holds a PhD in landscape architecture and planning and is working as e-Learning Innovator and Didactical Designer at the Teaching and Learning Services, Division of E-Learning and Didactics at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU). He is also engaged as a Senior Researcher at the new Austrian Competence Centre for Feed and Food Quality, Safety & Innovation (FFoQSI) and associated to the Department of Chemistry, Division of Analytical Chemistry at BOKU. Additionally, he holds an European Master degree in Geographical Information Sciences (GIS), and is certified Coach for Creative Scientific and Professional Writing. He has recently coordinated an Erasmus+ strategic partnership on sustainable entrepreneurship education (INTRINSIC – Innovative Education for Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences), but has been involved in several projects aiming at the development and evaluation of new and innovative teaching and learning approaches already in the past in EU FP 6 and EU FP 7 projects (e.g. the DynaLearn software for qualitative systems modelling based on artificial intelligence techniques (“qualitative reasoning”). He is experienced in using quantitative and qualitative evaluations of behaviour and knowledge of students during, before and after learning activities based on the grounded theory approach using Transana and Atlas.ti coding and analysis softwares. He is also working as lecturer at BOKU, developing, applying and evaluating innovative Blended Learning activities and course modules, especially related to scientific writing and qualitative systems modelling. His current interest is on the systematic development and evaluation of competences associated with sustainable entrepreneurship in Life Science students.


Dr Rita Klapper, Reader in Enterprise and Sustainability, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Rita teaches and researches at the interface between entrepreneurship, sustainability and leadership, very often using innovative learning tools drawing on creative arts and contemplative methods as well as technology-based engagement tools.  She benefits from a PhD in Entrepreneurship and MPhil in Sustainability, and is accredited as Executive Coach and Mentor with the Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM), UK.  She has very significant experience of coaching and mentoring for different clients (eg. Association of Business and Society (ABIS) as well as Academy of Management (AOM).  She has worked as external expert for the European Institute for Innovation (EIT) (raw materials section & climate change) for business idea and business plan assessments, as well as external examiner at two UK universities for MScs in International Entrepreneurship and a MSC in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Contact: rgklapper@gmail.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rita-klapper-6745857/  

Dr Jorge Emilio Núñez, PhD in Law (University of Manchester, UK) is Reader in Legal and Political Philosophy and International Relations at Manchester Law School and Professor de Derecho at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina. His areas of research include jurisprudence, legal theory, political theory and international relations. Dr Núñez has produced various international publications and attended events worldwide as a key speaker. His most recent publications are Territorial Disputes and State Sovereignty (2020) and Sovereignty Conflicts and International Law and Politics (2017).

Contact: j.nunez@mmu.ac.uk  

Website: https://drjorge.world

Tuesday 31st May 2022

Dr Jorge Emilio Núñez



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