Juris North monthly discussions (January-April 2021)

Juris North monthly discussions (January-April 2021)

Week 1. Wednesday 27th January 2021, at 3pm, Changing Paradigm in India’s Foreign Direct Investment Policy: Reflection of Socio-Economic Jurisprudence in Covid era,Dr Priti Ramani Nayyar, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi, India.

Week 2. Wednesday 24th February 2021, at 3pm, Climate Change Ethics for an Endangered World [Book Launch], Dr Thom Brooks, Professor, Dean & Chair in Law and Government, Durham Law School, United Kingdom.

Week 3. Wednesday 24th March 2021, at 3pm, The Unwritten Brazilian Constitution: Human Rights in the Supremo Tribunal Federal [Book Launch], Dr Rubens Becak and Dr Jairo Lima, University of Sao Paulo and State University of Northern Parana, respectively, Brazil.

Week 4. Wednesday TBA April 2021, at TBC, Title TBC, Dr Bruce Ackerman, Professor, Yale University, United States.

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Wednesday 13th January 2021

Dr Jorge Emilio Núñez
Twitter: @DrJorge_World

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