Juris North Roundtables

Juris North Roundtables

Title: Global Justice Nation 

New Modernity: Thinking globally, acting locally


To agree on guidelines in order to audit how acceptable or questionable the law and policy are in relation to a specific thematic area. 

Final Target:

National legal and political orders around the world.

Thematic areas:

  • Gender: Lead by Dr Kay Lalor (UK) and Dr Natalina Stamile (Italy)
  • Human Dignity (law, morality and religion):
    Lead by Dr Wei Feng (China) and Dr Jorge E. Núñez (Latin America and UK)
  • Poverty, Sovereignty and Economic Rights:
    Lead by Dr Dina A. Hadad (Kuwait) and Dr Clarice Seixas Duarte (Brazil)
  • Children and differently abled people: Lead by Dr Jorge E. Núñez
  • Climate change: Lead by Dr Danielle Denny (Brazil)

Participants: ideally, multi-disciplinary and inclusive (academics, policy-makers, people at large from different states, religions, genders, ethnicities, etc.).

Format: ​Zoom, private sessions. We won’t be streaming the sessions live or making them public.

Dates/Times: 10 Wednesdays, every two weeks, at 3pm-5pm (BST), starting on Wednesday 20th May. 

20th May

3rd June

17th June

1st July

15th July

29th July

12th August

26th August

9th September

23rd September

If you’re interested in sending an abstract for consideration (Juris North monthly discussions starting in September) or taking part in our roundtables (starting on 20th May) please send your email to j.nunez@mmu.ac.uk 

Our MeetUp page:

Juris North Roundtables

Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 5:00 PM

Online event

4 Members Attending

Juris North Roundtables Dear all, You’re all invited to join our Juris North roundtables starting on Wednesday 20th May. The idea is to come up with global consensus about criteria in relation to acceptable or questionable law and policy in five thematic areas (gender, poverty, climate change, human dignity and children and differently abled peopl…

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Dr Jorge Emilio Núñez

Twitter: @DrJorge_World


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