ASAP-Juris North “Sovereignty and Global Justice” (Manchester, April 2020)

Second British-Russian Symposium (ONLINE)

“Sovereignty and Global Justice”

Friday 24th and Saturday 25th April 2020

Co- Chairs of the Organizing Committee

Dr Antonov Michael V. (Department of Law, Faculty of the St. Petersburg, Higher School of Economics).

Dr Jorge E. Núñez (Manchester Law School, Manchester Metropolitan University).

Theme “Sovereignty and Global Justice”

This symposium aims to bring together academics from different disciplines, non-governmental organizations and activists to present, explore, and discuss ways in which we may address worldwide current issues by means of rethinking our understanding about sovereignty. The core aim of the symposium is to question whether there is a need redefine or reimagine “sovereignty” to reflect the complexity of current differences at the level of the individual and at the level of the state.

In light of the COVID-19 situation, we aim to use the opportunity towards exploring ways in which sovereignty may enable collaboration (rather than the usual absolute, exclusionary understanding of the concept in law, politics, international relations, etc.).

The online event will have pre-recorded and live presentations.

All final abstracts with the authors’ relevant contact details are below. The complete articles will only be shared with the organizing committee, other speakers and discussants.

FAO ASAP UK MEMBERS: Key areas of discussion include:

  • Poverty discourse: flawed poverty discourse and measurement.
  • Human rights: abuses and violations (trafficking, slavery, forced migration, asylum seekers, refugees, etc.), access (to education, health, job market, etc.), discrimination (direct and indirect), response to crisis and extraordinary events (for example, COVID-19).
  • Democracy: lack of democracy (intra-UK and UK-lead in global governance).
  • Financial: unfair rules of the financial system such as illicit financial flows and tax havens.
  • Climate change: climate change and ecological destruction.

Enquiries: Any question please contact Dr Jorge Nunez

Presenters and themes

Friday 24th April 2020, Sovereignty at the level of the individual

Dr Natalina Stamile, Some Remarks on the False Neutrality of Law

Dr Kay Lalor. Multidimensional Times and Gendered States: Imagining New Futures of International Law, Subjectivity and Statehood

Dr Alexandra Fowler, Re-Imagining Reparations for Violations of International Humanitarian Law – Unfinished Business

Dr Dina Hadad, Sovereign State and Response to International Crisis

Dr Anna Chronopoulou, The Case of Sovereignty in Law and Popular Culture: Addressing Disappearances

Saturday 25th April 2020, Sovereignty at the level of the state

Dr Samuel Walker, The Necessity of Agency

Dr Mikhail Antonov, Sovereignty, Positivism and Russian Resistance to Human Rights

Dr Vasili Tokarev, Comparative Constitutional Law as a Tool for the Study, Creation, and Application of Law

Dr Rafał Mańko, When Primacy Meets Sovereignty: The Question of the Independence of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Polish Supreme Court and the Ensuing ‘War of Courts’ in Poland

Fadhiya Ahmed, Stevan Hochfilzer, Jacob Huggins, Emily Lloyd and Amy Marsden, Syria: Safe for Return?

EVENTBRITE FREE TICKETS (limited availability on Zoom):

Day 1:

Day 2:

The event will be transmitted live on Youtube and Facebook Live​. I’ll send these details at a later stage.

Should you have any question, please drop me a line.

And please, feel free to disseminate!



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