Thank you all from Juris North

A day like today, 5 years ago, we had our first Juris North discussion with Iain Brassington (The University of Manchester) here in Manchester. On behalf of Verónica, William, Peter, Michael and Jorge, thank you all​. ​ 

Juris North FACTS

  • ​First discussion on 11th March 2015. Since then, we’ve had at least one monthly discussion each term (January-March and August-December) . So, 11th March 2020 it’s our 5th anniversary.

  • ​Five chairs:

A legal and political philosophy discussion group, in collaboration with the Universities of Durham, Hull, Liverpool, Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan​ and Surrey.  

Durham: Prof. Dr William Lucy

Hull (now Northumbria): Dr Peter Cserne

Liverpool: Prof. Dr Michael Gordon

Manchester: Dr Jorge E. Núñez

Surrey: Prof. Dr Verónica Rodríguez-Blanco

  • Partnerships

Internal partnerships with other Schools within MMU-e.g. Sociology, Philosophy, and Criminology.

External partnerships, with key players in HE in the UK and abroad. For example, with our peers in Oxford, Cambridge, and Edinburgh, creating a network of collaboration in which Juris North represents the North-West region. Also, a solid partnership with IVR’s UK branch. IVR, the Association for Legal Philosophy and Social Philosophy, is the main  body nationally and internationally of its kind. And now, in partnership with ASAP (Academics Stand Against Poverty)​

  • Audience (1 to 200+)

Students, academics, public in general. Depending on the theme, date/time, from one to 200+ people in the audience.

  • ​​Presenters (circa 100 in 5 years):

National and international: all of them pay their own expenses in terms of travel and accommodation. Nationally, from UCL, Edinburgh, Warwick, Manchester, Liverpool, etc. Internationally, from Argentina, Brazil, United States, Romania, Greece, Russia, Poland, Norway, Syria, Israel, and many others.Institutions: Schools/Faculties of law, political sciences, philosophy, etc.

  • Events:​
  1. ​Monthly discussions.
  2. @cademia: reading, researching and writing group. We’re now supporting the Manchester Law Journal at MLS.
  3. ​Yearly events. For example,

2016 First UK-Russian Symposium “Jurisprudence and Sovereignty” FYI the 2016 Symposium resulted in a monograph entitled «Sovereignty and Jurisprudence» edited by Marianna Muravyeva and Jorge E. Nunez, Springer, Forthcoming 2020.2018 ASAP-Juris North Conference “Global Justice and Crisis”
2020. ASAP-Juris North Second K-Russian Symposium “Jurisprudence and Sovereignty”April 2020. Call for papers attached.
NOTE: all our events are free of charge thanks to our host HE Institutions. 

  • ​Call for papers: ongoing.

You may find some pictures on our Twitter account @NorthJuris 


Dr Jorge Emilio Núñez 

t: @London1701 | t: @NorthJuris

Author of Territorial Disputes and State Sovereignty. International Law and Politics (Routledge 2020) 

On 14 June, I’ll run the Rio marathon on behalf of Fundação Angelica Goulart. For info. on how to help us

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