Territorial disputes: Final Recap 2018 (4) [Post 194]

Posts 31 to 40 centered the attention on Gibraltar. The combination of domestic, regional and international elements make this dispute a stalemate.

We have an already complex situation with Gibraltar, Spain and the United Kingdom in terms of geostrategic location, tax evasion, fishing rights, financial situation, only to name very few. If we add the European Union and Brexit the picture is extremely intricate. Although in principle a stalemate may seem negative, the status quo in Gibraltar may continue for now.

NOTE: The last posts this year include a recap of all we have covered so far by including daily the relevant links.
Posts 31 to 40: Gibraltar
Previous posts of the TERRITORIAL DISPUTE series (only about the Gibraltar below):


Jorge Emilio Núñez
Twitter: @London1701
20th December 2018

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