Territorial disputes: Final Recap 2018 (1) [Post 191]

With 200 posts this year, the blog series TERRITORIAL DISPUTES covered conceptual elements, law and politics, and several of the most relevant worldwide differences: Kashmir, Crimea, Gibraltar, Falkland/Malvinas islands, the South China Sea, Northern Ireland, the Persian Gulf, the Israel-Palestine case, and many others.

The last posts this year include a recap of all this by including daily the links to all what we have done so far.
Posts 1 to 10
Territorial disputes, conceptual elements, law and politics
Post 1 Territorial disputes: introduction

Post 2: Territorial Disputes, State and Sovereignty

Post 3: State and its elements. Population

Post 4: State and its elements. Territory

Post 5: State and its elements. Government

Post 6: State and its elements. Law

Post 7: Territorial disputes: sovereignty

Post 8: Territorial disputes: sovereignty (cont.)

POST 9: Territorial disputes: issues at stake

POST 10: Territorial disputes: remedies
Jorge Emilio Núñez
Twitter: @London1701
17th December 2018

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