Fundação Angelica Goulart (formerly Fundação Xuxa Meneghel) (in English)

When Xuxa Meneghel decided to create a charitable foundation, she chose Angelica Goulart, educator and social worker, to fulfill her dream.

Out story began in October 1989, serving 180 children living in Pedra de Guaratiba (west of Rio de Janeiro). With a local start, over time the Foundation has become regional, national and international point of reference in the defense of the rights of children and teenagers.

In almost 28 years, more than 200 thousand cases have been part of our projects transforming the lives of young people and adults.

The influence of the institution extended by working in networks, creating its own methodologies and committing to legal advances in child protection (prohibition of physical and humiliating punishment, typification of crime for the sexual exploitation of children and teenagers). The recognition came in the form of awards, partnerships, patronage and requests for replication of developed social technologies.

Recently, Xuxa concluded that the organization already had the development needed and qualified personnel to continue autonomously.

In February 2018, the institution started to have a new name: Fundação Angelica Goulart.
The newly named Foundation follows the same original principles: to act in the best interest of children, teenagers and young people, to promote solidarity, to embrace partnerships, efforts, knowledge and initiatives. In addition to the Foundation’s history, we have a solid reason to honor Angelica Goulart’s legacy.

Currently, we are consolidating our new brand and we are in the phase of fundraising: financial contribution, technical partnerships, donation of services and materials. For the Projects to continue in 2018, we need the help of friends and partners. The care and the message that comes from the Foundation is vital and invaluable to all of us.


You can support the Foundation in several ways by:

Donating your time and knowledge in partnership with the institution.

Disseminating and accessing information about our work.

Participating in our activities at the headquarters here in Rio de Janeiro and in the national networks that we operate.

By supporting us financially with any amount, sponsoring any of our projects or a specific action, just get in touch and present our proposals.

We have to highlight a financial deficit that we have in this transition year and that is why, the Foundation launched the Campaign “People want to achieve 30 years of doing well”

Your DONATION is very important to the Foundation. You can join the campaign. You can participate in the campaign by choosing a value between R$ (Brazilian Reales) 30,00, R $ 300,00, R$ 3,000,00 and R$ 30,000,00 or by supporting one of our Projects.

You may make your donation in any of this three ways:


Bank Deposit

Itau Bank

Agency 0532

Current Account 15000-0

CNPJ 31.420.425 / 0001-83


Directly at the Foundation

Rua Belchior da Fonseca 1025, Pedra de Guaratiba, Rio de Janeiro.

Participate in the campaign and help the Fundação Angelica Goulart continue to provide opportunities for children, teenagers and young people.

This is only a brief account of our history. Learn more about the Angelica Goulart Foundation and visit our networks:



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