Mafia of the KGB (ABSTRACT) by Oleg Grechenevsky (guest author)

From ancient times, all governments have practiced espionage in neighboring countries and have ferreted out enemy spies in their own territories. In addition, all governments have had to track their own subjects to ensure that such nationals are not organizing secret plots or conspiracies. Thus, so-called “special services” actually appeared in the world already from time immemorial. However, only after the First World War in the most prominent countries began to arise these “special services” of a contemporary nature, a character that constitutes an enormous power (e.g., the Russian VCheK and the American FBI). These present-day “special services” already have a network of secret agents in all layers of various societies. 

Yet, foreign intelligence services and counterintelligence services everywhere have turned into horrific monsters, the current mutation having occurred only when they got their hands on independent financial resources by means of the narcotics trade and other dark criminal sectors. Therefore, all the “special services” in the world began to completely work for themselves and turned into mafia groupings, which already back during the 1960s seized secret power throughout the world. However, the attention in this book is devoted to the four clans of our security mafias, which were formed on the basis of the foreign secret services of the KGB. 

To investigate this intricate and tangled system of secret security clans is not that straightforward or simple. Therefore, the author has had to develop his research by repeatedly correcting assumptions and mistakes. In general, this study by no means is intended for the amateur, as is the case for any literature that aspires to be of a scientific nature.
Reference (book in Russian):
Oleg Grechenevsky

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