Book Presentations April-August 2017: Sovereignty Conflicts and International Law and Politics

Sovereignty Conflicts and International Law and Politics
A Distributive Justice Issue
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Book Presentations so far…

Mexico, UNAM, August 2017

Lisbon, Portugal, IVR, July 2017

Athens, Greece, ATINER, July 2017

La Plata and Buenos Aires, UNLP and UBA, Argentina
June 2017

Lima, Peru, June 2017

Bogota, Colombia, June 2017

St Petersburg, Russia, May 2017

Moscow, Russia, May 2017

Budapest, Hungary, May 2017

Bucharest, Romania, April 2017
Many thanks to all the audiences around the world for such an amazing experience. Many persons from the non-scientific community participated too, that is society at large. My deepest gratitude goes to them. Thanks to the comments received through emails, Twitter, my blog, face-to-face, formally or informally in Argentina, the United Kingdom, the Malvinas/Falkland Islands, Spain, México, Perú, China, Turkey, Russia, the United States of America, Brazil, Nigeria, Gibraltar, Kashmir, Israel. These pages would have been meaningless without their input. For science and philosophy with any relevance to a positive impact on people and their life are, for this writer, what make these pages meaningful.

Dr Jorge E. Núñez
Manchester, 04th August 2017.

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