Legal and political theory. Back to the basics: What is law?

We will be reviewing some basic notions and concepts from now on in order to have a better understanding of classic and more modern thinkers, their philosophies, vocabulary, and so on. Every Friday a new post will be available for discussion on this blog. Any view, comment, and opinion is welcomes and in fact, encouraged. Because we can grow individually, but we outperform together.
I have been teaching jurisprudence—i.e. legal and political theory—for over 17 years. From Argentina to China, the United Kingdom, and Russia, the audiences are different in many ways yet the interest remains the same. Indeed, for any human being to be able to have a critical view about any issue and also to support that opinion with a solid argument is still one of the cornerstones that defines our entire condition as rational and free beings.
Today’s post: What is law?


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