Falkland Islands: a historical time

Argentinean, British or independent Falklands? Sovereignty and self-determination? Imperialism, implanted population, recession, inflation, corruption?

Fragility in the bilateral relations between Argentina and the United Kingdom has been and is a constant both real and discursive. And in the middle, the three populations: Argentineans, Britons and islanders. Nevertheless, government interests, merely political –not state’s ones- have been present during these 30 years, clearly selfish inclinations on both sides of the Atlantic that have little to do with what matters the three populations involved.

Much has been written and said in English and Spanish. However, it is very little what Britons know about Argentineans and the islanders and viceversa. In addition to this background, the confusing use of legal and political vocabulary that has to do with international relations, both because of ignorance and defined intentionality of those who misuse them.

In about eight weeks the Falkland Islands will have a referendum. Tensions between Argentina and the United Kingdom –or better said, between the governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom- will arise. It is time then to make clear legal concepts, political aims and real and hidden intentions. Otherwise, Kashmir and Gibraltar are examples of the same situations in which referendums were wasted by those interested in them since the only ones that were benefited were those in power.

In the coming weeks we will look together how to use this event positively, which may be a historical moment for international relations, so that the interests of the three populations can prevail over opportunist individuals. It is the time when the world needs to work in synergy. The Falkland Islands’ case has all the characteristics to be a milestone in international relations. In subsequent posts we will discuss concepts, notions, models, speeches and realities that have led to stagnation and political and legal limbo. Those same elements will enable us to build a framework that can be fair and reasonable not only for the Falkland Islands but also for Argentina and the United Kingdom.


  1. Let us stop talking and thinking all the time re what either Argentina or Great Britain want, as the people of the Falklands are not the deaf person in the room that everybody talks around and not to!It is The Falkland Islanders who will now decide their own destiny, they not only “Desire The Right” they have that right ! We should all wish them well and stand by their decision in this matter. Up the Falklands and Bon voyage !


  2. I'm an Argentine, and very proud of that, but in this case I think we (all of us) should be by only one side: the Falkland Islander's side. It doesn't matter if we call the islands Falklands (if we're talking in English) or Malvinas (if we're doing in Spanish). What realy matters is the desires of those who are living and caring about that land from almost two centuries. The rights of those who call that group of islands HOME. They have the right to choose and we (all the others) must to respect that desition (like it or not).


  3. Unfortunately Argentina will not accept that.The Islanders' wishes/rights/interests, call them what you will should prevail, particularly over the Argentines wish to Colonize the Islands.


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