If someone cries his eyes out when watching a TV documentary about social struggle in Latin America but then has a line of the white powder, is that someone naïve, and idiot or just hypocrite?
I don’t intend to promote a value judgment on the use of illegal substances. Yet, it is a fact that in order for the illegal substance to be able to be in hands of the user, negative elements come into play. For instance, from the moment it is produced to the one that is purchased by the consumer, it has to follow a route that usually starts miles away. Besides, the starting point is more often than not a piece of land in a non-rich country that suffers from many evils (e.g. corruption, ineffective governance, social inequalities to name a few). People are used as “camels” to transport the substance in their bodies through international borders, children are exploited in indescribable ways, and families are turn apart only because someone at the other end of the world enjoys sinking his miseries in a line of shame.
Again, I don’t want to say this or that conduct is right or wrong (who am I to say that?). However, next time there’s someone around whom you know spoiling the future of Latin American children with the use of these substances, and that someone has the unbelievable guts to make a comment s about the justice or fairness of this world, just don’t let that someone enjoy your presence.
We make a better world by making ourselves better, by making a difference. Dare to be different. If you don’t fit, maybe it’s because the surroundings are not big enough for you. Outgrow.

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