Academics Stand Against Poverty

ASAP UK seeks to bring scholarship and intellectual innovation to global efforts to alleviate poverty and inequality and to contribute to generating solutions in the UK.

Originally founded in 2012 as a chapter of ASAP, a global organisation focused on utilising scholarship to influence policy and public attitudes to poverty, ASAP UK became independently registered as a charity in 2019.

ASAP UK: Who we are

What is ASAP?

Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) is a global professional association that empowers academics to make greater impact on severe poverty.

Guided by our members and extensive network of chapters, we produce evidence for alternative narratives and policies with respect to the world’s poor.

ASAP Target Areas

ASAP initiatives confront the rules and practices that perpetuate global poverty, focusing on the following areas:

Flawed poverty discourse and measurement.

Unfair rules of the global financial system  illicit financial flows and tax havens.

Punitive economic and trade policies – austerity and deregulation, imbalanced trade agreements and intellectual property laws.

Human rights abuses like trafficking and forced migration.

Climate change and ecological destruction.

Regulatory capture and lack of democracy in global governance.

How our network of academics and activists collaborate

ASAP chapters make real impact on global poverty by:

Collaborating with likeminded researchers from around the world.

Proposing and participating in evidence-based solutions.

Influencing the public, media and policymakers to push for institutional

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